On The Way radio

Shoutcast: http://www.filtersmag.com:8888/

FM frequency: sometimes on 96.9 in San Francisco, CA

contact us at 'radio@filtersmag.com'

we're just setting up, trying to find our place on the air waves. coming to you from the power of a Ramsey FM-10a transmitter, we'll try to play a mix of music you won't hear anywhere else. plus, random rantings from the dj's sans the constant political blather you have to put up with on other independent channels.

  |\     \      /|
__| \     \    / |__
\  __\   __\  /__  /
 \ |     \      | /
  \|      \     |/

        /  \
       /    \
      /      \


if you couldn't tell by listening, we're just getting our operation started. we're trying to be as legal as possible and not interfere with any other licensed or unlicensed stations. Seeing as 'San Francisco Liberation Radio' already broadcasts on 93.7, we're planning on changing our frequency. this time we're doing our homework. we've got the 75 mile radius FCC database printout of all licensed stations and we're sitting on a few frequencies to make sure they're open. we're aiming for something between 94.1 and 99.1. we'll announce it when we find one. new... looks like 96.9 is pretty open. we're going to experiment with that for a while. if you don't hear us on 93.7, look here.

also, those of you who can hear us on the current setup are pretty lucky considering the range of the equipment. we've ordered the gear, we just need to set it up and get a better antenna. you'll be able to hear the difference.

Coming soon to 'On The Way' radio

  • if you were listening on Friday after Thanksgiving you may have caught a quick appearance by a gifted beat-box friend of ours. He's agreed to have a 'turntable vs. beat-box' battle live on the air soon. stay tuned for that.

  • some friends of mine who do electronic music just burned a CD. the band's name is Otaku, and the album is 'bitwise operators take 2'. i'll be playing this on the air the next couple of weeks while they finish pressing the CDs and distributing them.

  • stay tuned for a special appearance by local band Perpendicular, fresh from the studio.

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