People tear it up at Burnside. Some of these kids are ten years old or younger and are catching sick ass air already. The coolest thing is how all these guys get along. No matter how much I Carl boosts a fat ass air.hate rollerblades, it's cool that they, along with bikers can share this space and get along. It's not the snake run that old Derby Park was.

Somebody said that Steve Cabalero had been there earlier that day. I hadn't seen him for years but could still picture that grin on his cocked head. At first I figured people were just hyping the place,

but then I heard the wheels of a special skateboard in the distance. It sounded different from your average skater. Then he appeared and I didn't want to beleive it was possible. I still can'tcould it be? be sure, but I think that the old guy on the long board who started carving just might have been Stacy. Could have been.