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Issue 3: Local edition!
Saturday, 13-Jul-2024 04:01:34 PDT
The San Mateos are one of the most promising bands I've heard in a long time. It's a local band from San Francisco trying to bring rock back into the forefront. Which is getting harder and harder in this mainstream techno day and age. And how are they trying to stand out? By rocking your lame ass! Smokin' rock without a crack pipe!

I was lucky enough to catch their debut show the other night, where a hectic schedule and screaming fans allowed only two songs to be played. What i heard made me a believer, i tell you what! The amount of noise generated by a trio consisting of Willy The Working Stiff on guitar/vocals, Jenny The Venue Getter on bass and Mad Man Matt on drums was amazing.

They were nice enough to let me ask a few questions:

Filters Magazine: How are you feeling before your first live gig?
Willy: I have a lifelong commitment to Rock N Roll, and I sure as hell can't do anything else.

F.M.: Jenny, where do you see your band fitting in today?
Jenny: It's time to bring back the image and spirit of KISS and MÖTLEY and kick some FUCKIN ASS like only the YOUNG can do. So we cover Pixies songs right now.

F.M.: Matt, what do you think about music these days, especially rock?
Matt: the BIGGEST sin in Rock N Roll is being BORING!!! I'm gonna do it the AMERICAN WAY! SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK N ROLL FOREVER.

F.M.: You guys sound a little kuckoo...
everyone: Interview's over.

They went on to play a great set that sent the crowd into a frenzy. They didn't give us permission to post any of their new, ground-breaking music, but they did let me record a few Pixies cover songs they played to tease the audience. The links to those songs are on the right.

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