From the ashes a hundred fiery phoenixes rose and flew straight at us shrieking. Hovey jumped behind me in fright and started crying.

"Snap out of it, man!"

Then the sky lit up with the finale and went blank. A crowd formed from the shadows and ran past us. We figured that some high powered works were out of control and something bad ass was about to happen. Then we decided against waiting around and getting blown up and followed the crowd. Everyone ran into the theater building and broke down the doors to a small theater where a glow opera was about to happen. We grabbed seats with two friends who had made it earlier. They had beer and we quenched o ur thirst.

The lights went off and the play started. A bunch of dark figured with glow sticks appeared and started singing. We got up and were heading for the door when someone whispered to us out of the dark.

"Watch this."

"Hey, it's AL. And he's on his bike."

Right then he rode off and flew down the steep steps toward the stage.

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