They have big numbers out at the Stadium Fred Meyer chapter. And they're a pretty tight group, too. Strength in numbers. For some reason they chose me as a target to show how pervasive they could be.

The shopping cart lurker's different from your ordinary vagrant. They have a purpose, albeit not anything a normal person could figure out. They may not even know, but they do have a purpose. carts The first signs of their stalking ritual appeared when I left the house to do some chores the other day. For the hell of it I counted all the shopping carts that had mysteriously made it the mile from Freddy's the night before. There were ten in front of my building alone. How the fuck did they get there? I know one of the sketchy ass fuckers from the low income building across the street had left them for me. People in that building scare the hell out of me. What the fuck is a big ass hotel-converted-to-residence filled with savages doing in the now affluent Northwest?

I crept away. Figured if I walked down 21st I'd be safe. I was sadly mistaken.

The "carters" were on parade and no one even noticed.